System Administrator
2019-10-21 08:45

Dear PiART members,

In a few months, we will be launching a print store that will allow You to sell your published works to clients from all over the world in the form of high-quality

prints. (Prints will be available in several sizes on paper and canvas.).

We will allow you to set your own price for your works. This price will then be added to print production price, shipping price and the PiART store fixed price to form the final price that clients of the webshop will see.

We will provide you with this option for your exclusive content only (published photographs that are available for sale ONLY in PiART store) without maximum price limit. For all your other photos (non-exclusive content), there will be a maximum allowed price. (the idea of this is to avoid setting price for non-exclusive content higher than it is on the other marketplaces).

You will also be able to sell "limited series" on the store. Each limited series will include a manually signed certificate and a unique number for the series (eg: Limited Print: 4 from 15).

As we want you to be fully satisfied with the service that we will provide, we give you the opportunity to vote for your preferred way of price formation. Poll is available for you on the home page of PiART.

PS. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to reply to this topic.

@fuad @Sarkar
2020-02-01 07:39

I Don't understand  pice limit  

System Administrator
2020-02-02 09:36

Hi Fuad

The author will determine his own price above the amount of work and shipment. But if the author places a price on his work that is much higher than the price of the same work that the author sells on another site, then it will harm the competitiveness of PiART. Therefore, we will set a limit at which the overall price of the product to be competitive with the prices on other sites. Therefore, we will set a limit on the maximum price that the author will be able to set, at which the overall price of the product will be competitive with prices on other sites. 

For example: If the cost of production and shipment is 100 euros, and the same product is sold on another site for 300 euros, then we will limit the price that the author can put up to 200 euros, so the total price of the product will not exceed 300 euros. But this limit will only be for content that is not exclusive to PiART. The way we plan to work will allow authors to make much more profit form one sales than from others similar sites, regardless of this limit.

On the other hand, content that is exclusive for PiART  will be free of this limit and author can sell it at whatever price he wants.

If there are any ambiguities feel free to ask.

Best Regards

PiART Support Team 

System Administrator
2020-02-16 10:45


Hello PiART photographers

We would like to inform you that we are working hard on the Web Print Store and moving forward quickly. Everything about the production process is ready and is currently being tested. We'll use only the most recognized and high-quality materials for the production of print. The prints will be made on the latest model of a 24-inch professional EPSON printer. Only original EPSON inks and media that guarantee quality and durability over 70 years will be used. Because the production base is positioned in Bulgaria we will use the materials from the official one EPSON distributor for Bulgaria, "FACTOR.BG", you can visit their site here Our friends at FACTOR.BG help us fully to achieve uncompromising quality at the best possible price.

We are just waiting for the Print Store source code to be completed and integrated into the current website.  For the most part, it is ready and is currently being tested. In the short video below, you can see some parts of the store that are already working and are in a beta testing stage.

We want full sales awareness in print sales that are not available on any such site at this moment. Such as Immediate notification to the Photographer on every sale, Discounts when buying a whole series according to the number of pictures in the series and more. We also believe that series can be an attractive product for owners of commercial and tourist establishments. We want to enable authors to set a price for each of their works. And many other things related to the easy and trouble-free operation of the store.

While the print store warehouse is completely ready, we still can't start sales before the print store website is fully ready and integrated. But we are very close.

Thank you for your patience and we will keep you updated!

System Administrator
2020-05-02 15:33

Dear Piart Photographers. 

 In difficult times, good news is especially welcome.  

For this reason we want to share with you the satisfaction of having achieved 5000 of wonderful works published in our gallery. 

Your invaluable collaboration has been the main basis that has allowed us to offer an excellent community and photographic space to the world.  

We take this opportunity to remind you that soon, as soon as the " normality" returns to our lives, we will launch the Piart store, through which you can put your works on sale in a legal, comfortable and transparent way.  

We appreciate your trust and participation during our trip, which we hope will continue in the best possible way.

Team Piart.

Nermin Smajic
2020-06-28 20:16

When I try to put commission for my photo (whatever value in Range 0 - 100 EUR) I get message Error This value should be "0.01" or more.

For example I put 20 as value and get above error message.

What could be reason  ?

System Administrator
2020-06-30 08:50


The print store is still in the developing process, that is why it is not working correctly.

Once it is working we will announce it, and then this functionality will be working correctly.



When I try to put commission for my photo (whatever value in Range 0 - 100 EUR) I get message Error This value should be "0.01" or more.

For example I put 20 as value and get above error message.

What could be reason  ?

Veselin Atanasov
Veselin Atanasov
2020-07-30 16:18

Dear Piart photographers,

For your information, I communicate you that the details are being finalized in the legal department so that the final launch of our store is a reality, guaranteeing strict custody of your files and special transparency and control on your part in the corresponding sale.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 delayed the launch and opening process of the store. However, we are now ready to offer you a visible sample before the next inauguration.

I invite you to interact, familiarize yourself with the sales space and check the possibilities you can offer.

We will always offer a guaranteed product of the highest quality:

We will achieve excellent final print quality for your jobs with the 24-inch "Epson SureColor SC-P 7000 STD" professional photo printer, along with the best print media and the use of EPSON inks with a proven warranty of over 70 years of stable durability.

We will offer two sizes and options of paper, whose measurements will be variable, proportionally to the chosen work,  with an automatic and exact measurement calculation for each work.

The paper will be fixed on a 3 or 4mm "Dibond" support, adding the possibility, if you wish, to protect the works from weather conditions with a laminate that will not diminish the vision or color of the original work and will give it even greater longevity.

An aluminum frame at the back of Dibond will serve to easily level and place the finished work on the wall or chosen space.

We will always offer a safe, fair and transparent sale:

The cost of materials will be calculated per centimeter, square, so that each order will receive a fair value for labor.

We will calculate the necessary price for materials, production and shipping. The prices will be visible in a totally transparent way and in relation to this calculation, each author will be able to establish his own commission, with a maximum limit, to avoid higher prices and inadequate competition with your possible sales in other galleries.

Finally, once the legally established taxes have been deducted, each author will receive their commission, completely and fairly and transparently.

Piart will be the first gallery to offer a sales system where the author is the main participant and actor, where the author himself will receive what he considers fair for his work, and not what, unfairly, others consider only for their own profit and business. 

Your sales space awaits you ... do not hesitate to explore it, we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised.

At this time, it is already possible to offer a catalog of the works that you want to sell to your clients, and also to check the resources and functionalities that your sales space has ... Our technical team will check in real time if any detail arises that we should clarify.  However, we remind you that the effective and real sale - as well as the calculation of the corresponding prices - will be possible as soon as all the details are outlined so that the sale transaction is satisfactory, and you have the possibility to advertise your work.

Veselin Atanasov
Veselin Atanasov
2020-08-02 10:45

Dear friends,

Inevitably when starting a new functionality, questions may arise regarding its use.

Little by little I will clarify those aspects that can serve for the most fluid, easy and comfortable use, as your messages come to me when interacting with your sales space.

-          You can add your works to sell in the store by accessing through the following route: "My profile" / "Manage your photos"

-          The files and printing for the store must have a minimum size (on its shortest side) of 3000px

-          If the files in your portfolio are large enough, you will not have to take any additional action to sell them.

-          However, if you initially uploaded a file with insufficient resolution for printing, we will need you to upload an additional file with the minimum required resolution. The new file will be verified by a technician from our digital laboratory, who will check within 48 hours if it meets the optimal conditions for printing; and then it will be visible in the store for sale.


-          The amount corresponding to the commission of each sale will always be visible to the author, and will be available only after the end of the correct time frame offered to the buyer for a possible return if he is not satisfied with his purchase after receipt.

-          As I told you, right now, as a price, only the commission that the author himself determines for his work is visible. The cost of the rest (material, production, packaging and transportation) will be added once determined for each sale.

-          The author may make changes to the commission percentages of the sale of his work, - it is not recommended - but he may do so if he wishes, respecting a time frame of 10 days after the last change to prevent buyers from seeing price fluctuations. excessively variables that lend themselves to confusion and lead them away from their initial purchase intention.

-          In order to safeguard the author's reputation and seriousness and his commitment to the Piart gallery, the author may eliminate, - whenever he wishes, - the offer of those works that he deems appropriate, always respecting that the works will remain in the store for 30 days after its elimination, with the intention of not damaging the store's usual production strategy.

-          Authors will always receive prompt notification for each sale of their work.

I remain at your disposal for any questions.


Veselin Atanasov
Veselin Atanasov
2020-08-06 17:39

Dear photographers:

Continuing with the "set-up" of the Piart store and fulfilling my commitment to provide as much information as possible, I share with you the prices that we have estimated for the future sales of your work:

The final price will be calculated according to square centimeters.

It will include the variable cost according to the averages and the fixed cost of the materials, the author's commission and the complete production work, from origin to destination.

Thus for a 90cm x 60cm  work  on Dibond support + rear aluminum frame prepared to hang and printed on the following photographic papers:

 Epson Premium Luster photographic paper (260g) will be € 125 + the commission established by each author.

Epson Premium Glossy photographic paper (260g) will be € 125 + the commission established by each author.

Epson Enhanced Matte photographic paper (190g) will be € 123 + the commission established by each author.

 Epson Fine Art Cotton Smooth (300g) will be € 135 + the commission established by each author.

 Epson Fine Art Cotton Textured (300g) will be € 135 + the commission established by each author.

 Free delivery in Europe

Given the current complicated circumstances that we are suffering globally, we want to walk with safe steps, so initially we will serve only within the European space. Meanwhile, we will continue working to expand the offer of the works that you decide to sell in our gallery to other continents as soon as possible.

We can assure, after conducting a comparative market study in the sector, that our price is truly competitive, always using original materials that guarantee excellent quality and longevity.

We will soon add a canvas print.

Again I put myself at your disposal for any questions.

Veselin Atanasov

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