Rick Switzer
2020-10-12 17:57

My first image got published, I uploaded it in high res. My next two images I uploaded in lower res (greater than 1600), however they got the "Not Approved" rating applied within only 1 & 3 days, also only around 10 views, and I suspect less votes as the average didn't change much over these 1 and 3 days between upload and "Not Approved" status. I have no problems if my images didn't make the cut based on artistic quality, that's why I respect being part of a site like this, my questions are:

From what I understand in the FAQ, images get 60 votes before going to admin for a decision on publishing to the gallery. On my first image this took around 1-2 weeks.

What exactly does "Not approved" mean ?

What constitutes a "Not approved" rating, given it is very unlikely the 60 votes + curator evaluation occurred within a day ?

System Administrator
2020-10-12 20:50

Hello Rick

There is no such condition on the site for 60 votes before the curators see the photo.

The answers are given in F.A.Q. -  https://photoimaginart.com/faq

Q: How does curation work?

A: After you send a photo to the curators, it will be assessed by them in terms of idea, mood, aesthetics and technical quality. The originality and variety of the gallery are very important. The curatorial team will always keep in mind the rating of the consumer curation, but sometimes it is possible for a high-rated photo to be rejected, because too many photos with a similar motive were previously posted on the site; on the contrary, a photo with a very low rating can be posted because the curators saw something special in it.

Q: How do I know whether my photo has been posted or rejected?

A: Click on: "My Profile" in the upper toolbar >> Manage Your: Photos
Each photo has information in the upper right corner concerning its status. The user receives an additional notification when his photo is posted.

I hope I have been helpful!

Nice day!

Rick Switzer
2020-10-12 23:21

My mistake on the 60 user votes sorry, that was something I must have read on the 1X FAQ. 

I worked out, I waited a while before sending my first image to the curators, my next two uploads I selected that option right after upload, which explains why I seen very little change in member vote average, views and time before seeing a curators decision.

BTW, impressive site and published image selections. I love that each images is voted and curated on its  merit alone, not how many followers you have, your site activity or account type, a true photographers site rather than a popularity contest, hopefully the site continues to grow and stay true to its roots :)  Cheers Rick

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