Rick Switzer
2021-03-28 07:13

Just a Question on "series" please, for interest, as I was not able to find this detail in the FAQ or other site info.

I created a series from single images already published (manage photos/create series). After PiArt review I was able to see "Series (1)" listed in my "Uploaded view", however my "published view" shows "Series (0)".  I see on some members pages, series listed on their "published view" and the images from their series are also on their "published view" as single images.

My question is, I'm guessing that to have series listed on a members "published view" page, series have to be submitted from unpublished images only and sent to curation?

BTW, awesome site team, keep up the great work of keeping it all about the art without the popularity contest BS ;)

cheers Rick.

System Administrator
2021-03-29 07:12


Your series is created but not yet published.

Please navigate to "MY PROFILE" >> "SERIES" and submit your series for curation.


Rick Switzer
2021-03-30 01:23

Thanks admin, submitted!

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